What Makes Memory Care Facilities Special?

When an older member of your family is suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s, it becomes important that they receive safety and comfort. Often, there comes a point when a person suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease requires a greater level of care than what can be provided at home. This is where memory care facilities come into play. Here’s a list of reasons as to why you need to go for an assisted living memory care for your senior:

People suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s tend to wander a lot. In a home environment, it gets tough to prevent a senior from wandering. But in memory support centers, outdoor and indoor spaces are safe and secure and get monitored throughout the day so one doesn’t have to worry about seniors getting lost.

Personalized care and attention
No two people suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s go through the same experience and therefore each individual requires special care. The best memory care centers have a low resident to staff ratio and make sure that every individual’s needs are taken good care of. Caregivers of Oregon care homes and memory care facilities receive special training on dementia care techniques and are available 24 hours a day to offer assistance to residents.

Comfortable environment
Assisted living facilities for memory care are optimized for safety and designed to be homelike and comfortable. Memory care centers have a simple décor with warm wall colors so that the environment of the facility radiates warmth and calmness. Residents also get to style and decorate their rooms with their personal belongings and photographs so that they get a home-like feel at the place.

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