What Does a Good Care Home Look Like?

Finding out or knowing what a good care home looks like will help you select the right Oregon care home for you or your loved one. When selecting a senior care home, it is important for you to understand the elements of a good elderly care home. Let’s paint a picture of what good looks like with some simple concepts:


As the purpose of an elder care home is to take care of its residents, safety comes first. A good assisted living home will be constructed and designed in ways that not only ARE safe, but make the elderly person FEEL safe and to carry out their day to day routines with ease. Many details such as staircase construction, lifts, flooring, lack of sharp edges, no slippery surfaces and more need to be attended to carefully in order to create a safe environment.

Protective Staff

The next line of protection is the staff of the elderly care home. A good residential care home has staff that is always present and attentive to the residents. Some elders need assistance from the caretakers in their day to day tasks. So, protective and attentive staff is essential to
Provide the best care for your loved one.

Caring Staff

There’s a difference between assisting elders and assisting the elders with care. Good elderly care homes know the difference. A loving, friendly, and caring staff is always appreciated by the elders. It just takes a little smile and pleasant conversation to help elders feel comfortable. Residential homes for seniors must have the staff members that talk to the elders nicely and take care of them in a loving way.


A boring senior home doesn’t help the elders with recovery or quality of life. However, a home with a variety of activities appropriate to the elders’ health and diagnosis can help them recover faster from health conditions. Physical activities keep them healthy and increase longevity. Having activities is different from having appropriate activities that really make a difference in the elders’ life. A good elderly care home provides activities that are effective for the residents as the sole purpose of the activities is to create positive change in the elders’ lives.


There are a few basic amenities that homes for the elderly must have for all of its residents and there are some amenities that are required for specific residents’ medical needs.  If you have an elder with special requirements, the elderly care home must be able to provide you the specific facilities amenities to meet those needs.


Regular schedules are often comforting for elders. In addition to the comfort of schedules, most elders have a schedule for their medicines. A timetable is followed by senior care Home staff to assure that the elders are taking their medicines on time. Having flexible yet predictable schedules on an important quality of a good care home.

A Written Plan

A good senior care home always keeps a written plan for resident needs, requirements, and schedules so that no matter which staff member is on duty everybody follows a similar routine.

An Overall Well- Managed Senior Care Home

There are protocols to follow in every setting. There are protocols in a senior care homes as well. A well-managed senior home is always prepared for the unexpected. If the management is doing its job the right way, the senior care home works efficiently. All these elements result in a happy, safe, and secure senior care home for your loved ones where they can recover quickly, blossom, and enjoy their days in a loving and caring environment.

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