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Social Interaction in Senior Care

By August 23, 2019 No Comments

In caring for seniors, it is beneficial that we let them connect & do activities with other people around them. This should go hand in hand with proper diet and sufficient rest.

Here are the positive effects of social interaction in senior care:

Better Physical & Emotional Health

When aged loved ones are enjoying what they do, they tend to be more active. This leads to good body coordination & stamina. If they feel good about the people around them, their emotional health is boosted. This is good for senior care since they are prone to stress and depression.

Sense of Purpose & Belonging

Oftentimes, our aging loved ones feel that they no longer needed by anyone. This by far is the worse feeling a senior could ever feel. When we encourage them to interact and do lively activities with other people of same genre and interest, they would feel that they belong. They’ll feel that they still matter. For seniors, having companions/friends could surely lead to self-realization which tells them that they still have a purpose regardless of their age.

Improved Memory & Cognition

Doing activities, especially with other people, exercises the mind and cognitive skills. Encouraging our aging loved ones to join social interactive tasks could boost not only their body but their memory as well. Examples of social activities are dancing, cooking, gardening, painting and many more.