How Assisted Living Facilities Better the Life of the Elderly

The chief difference between independent living residences and assisted living residences is that the residents of assisted living get added help in meeting their daily requirements. Though assisted living does not provide the medical care or the kind of attention of a nursing home, it does offer personal care in the living space of the resident. Assisted living Hillsboro Oregon aims to offer the elderly with a good living space and common areas, assistance with household tasks and monitoring of the physical condition of the residents.

A lot of people who need help with activities of daily living (ADLs) move to an assisted living facility. ADLs include bathing, eating, and dressing, walking, getting in and out of a chair/bed and using the toilet. Senior care homes Hillsboro adopt a schedule that takes into account the needs of the residents and the availability of the staff. While choosing an assisted living facility, ask it what it provides for the specific ADLs with which you require help. If the facility provides you the type of assistance you require, make sure that care is cited and explained clearly in their agreement form.

Apart from providing help with daily activities, assisted living facilities also monitor the health of residents. This doesn’t imply nursing or active treatment of any medical condition. But, it implies helping the residents of the facility take the correct dosage of medications and assisting with self-administered health aids like oxygen and prostheses and offering emergency call systems. The facilities offer close monitoring of the physical health of residents efficiently.
For a lot of people, one of the most luring things about assisted living is that timely meals are offered. The facilities are equipped with a kitchen and a common dining hall where generally 2-3 meals are served in a day. The cost of these meals is included in the resident’s fee or rent. Residents are assured of nutritious food and freed from tasks like cooking, shopping and cleaning up.

Apart from getting ample assistance with ADLs, assisted living facilities also help residents lead a socially, mentally and physically active daily lives. A majority of facilities plan group activities like exercise classes and guest lectures, as well as regular gatherings for the residents to have discussions, form friendships and lead a healthy social life.

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