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Certifications and Trainings to Look Out For In Your Senior Caregiver

By September 12, 2019 No Comments

Senior caregivers commit their life to serving the elderly and it’s vital that you pick the best one for your elderly. Added certification courses and online trainings can enhance the level of care that caregivers provide to the elderly and can open doors to exclusive positions, like working with seniors who have dementia or in palliative care. Here’s a list of some certifications that can set a senior caregiver apart from others in the industry:

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) training

This training is essential for a caregiver if they have to provide medical care including wound cleaning, hygiene support, medications, etc. This training teaches crucial nurse aid-related skills and can prepare a caregiver for roles in hosts of healthcare settings like hospice care, rehabilitation hospitals, nursing facilities, etc.

Basic caregiver certification

With this certification program, caregivers learn to assist seniors in activities of everyday living, how to navigate the relationships of caregiver-family and how to deal with emergencies.

Home Health Aide license (HHA)

Just like Basic Caregiver Certification, HHA license is also a beneficial one to have. This certification allows caregivers to learn basic patient care, medical care, patient support in the home and emergency response.

Certifications for specific needs and conditions

If caregivers at senior care facility have to deal with seniors with specific medical needs then training in those areas can help them serve the elderly better. This will also boost the appeal of caregivers for the families of seniors who are struggling with the same medical needs.