Modern-Day Facilities in an Oregon Elder Care Home

The modern-day Oregon elder care facility offers modern features and benefit to the patients. Here are some of the must-have features in senior care homes in Hillsboro. Study / Education There’s no age bar for learning. It has been seen that some elderly people love studying their favorite subject. Keeping their interest and demand in

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What Makes Memory Care Facilities Special?

When an older member of your family is suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s, it becomes important that they receive safety and comfort. Often, there comes a point when a person suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease requires a greater level of care than what can be provided at home. This is where memory care facilities

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Origin Care Home – What Should You Be Asking The Professional?

When picking the right memory care facility in Oregon for your loved ones, you just have to ensure whether or not they will allow the senior or their family members to come and go as they please. Of course, there will be certain restrictions when it comes to visitors and their timings but there should

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Assisted Living Homes vs Home Care: Know the Difference

Before you choose assisted living homes or home care, you should know about these in detail to know the difference. People who have ample space in their homes to hire a home care provider and provide everything to the elderly in the home environment, then pick home care services over the assisted living. But, those

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The Best Memory Care Home in Oregon

Over the years, the long-term care industry has delivered various levels of care from skilled nursing to independent living. Memory care units have surged due to the increasing numbers of people who are suffering from memory loss due to Alzheimer’s or other types of dementia. But, you may be wondering…What is a Memory Care exactly?

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Certifications and Trainings to Look Out For In Your Senior Caregiver

Senior caregivers commit their life to serving the elderly and it’s vital that you pick the best one for your elderly. Added certification courses and online trainings can enhance the level of care that caregivers provide to the elderly and can open doors to exclusive positions, like working with seniors who have dementia or in

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Some Important Qualities A Senior Caregiver Need To Possess!

Certified and trained senior caregivers  do more than just attending to the needs of seniors. They foster a long-lasting bond with them as a lot of seniors spend a majority of the final years of their life in senior care homes. So, it’s important to look for caregivers who treat your elderly with love and

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How to Pick a Senior Care Service Provider for Your Elderly?

There is no shortage of senior care providers out there but not all of them provide good service. Thus, it becomes important that you take care of certain factors before selecting a senior care provider for personalized care of your elderly. Here are few things to consider: Check the license The care provider needs to

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When A Loved One Needs Help, But Refuses

“My mom won’t listen.” This is a very familiar complaint most especially when our loved one is on his/her senior years. Once we find out what the problem is, and eventually known how to manage the elder’s health, older parents often seem resistant. This is a common issue that we must address. Here are 3

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