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Assisted Living Homes vs Home Care: Know the Difference

By November 12, 2019 No Comments

Before you choose assisted living homes or home care, you should know about these in detail to know the difference. People who have ample space in their homes to hire a home care provider and provide everything to the elderly in the home environment, then pick home care services over the assisted living. But, those who don’t have enough space and don’t want their elderly to stay in the home all the time they pick Oregon elder care homes.

Assisted Living Homes

Seniors who love to interact with others and spend time out of home for a while and require less care, for them assisted living home is the best. They interact with other seniors in the home, play games, and have fun activities which are not available when you hire a home care provider in your home.

The infrastructure of Oregon care homes is designed in such a way that it is comfortable for the elders. The living rooms, the dining hall, bathroom, etc. Such a thing is difficult to achieve in your home.

Home caregivers

In the case of home caregiving, you hire a trained professional to come to your home and take care of the elderly in the home, help the elder in daily chores, medication, and other things. The elder stays at home all the time. They can go for a walk or on the wheelchair if they want, depending on their condition. But, you got to change everything in your home as per the comfort of the elderly.

If you want complete comfort and safety for your elderly, get them to an Oregon care home.

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